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WD-20 spray 200 ml

WD-20 spray 200 ml
WD-20 spray 200 ml WD-20 spray 200 ml
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The solution that works with you.

Whether you are modeller, an expert in washing and cleaning model cars or simply you like doing something at home, WD-20 will be used to carry out the work you started.
With thousands of uses, WD-20 is the universal product, number #1 in solving such problems. It cleans, protects, penetrates, lubricates and removes moisture better than any other product.

WD-20 spray is a "lubricant" which is used to grease and release gears and mechanisms in motion (toys, bicycles, hinges, tin, springs, locks, valves, etc.) preventing stiffness and blocking. Also cleans grease, dirt, resin, etc.
- Removes moisture from the electrical systems, avoiding the risk of short circuit
- Penetrates rust from metal surfaces and unlocks parts that are stuck or frozen
- Excellent lubricant that ensures a better functioning of motion mechanisms
- Implements a grease shield on metallic surfaces that acts against oxidation

Contents: 200 ml

With a history of over half a century and an impressive range of areas of use, the WD-40 spay is certainly a welcome presence in the house, garage, or workshop to anyone.

Where does it come from ?
In 1953, a small company in San Diego, California, called Rocket Chemical Company, has created a range of produvts for aerospace components pretection against the rust and grease.
Company's effort to abandon the water in the composition formula consisted in 40 attempts, which gives them an idea of the actual name of the product. Since 1958, spray began to sell and successfully underwent an increasingly greater. To date, WD-40 came to worldwide markets, the domestic high popularity items.

What does it do ?
The "miracle" spray is for everything: cleans, lubricates, penetrates, protects and removes moisture. Cleans grease, dirt, adhesives, it can enter in tricky areas for lubricating, penetrating layers of rust or ice on metal surfaces, removes moisture from electrical systems and provides protection against corrosive elements.

Where can you use it ?
WD-40 can be used at home for cleaning metal objects from the kitchen sink to adhesive labels on bottles or hinge lubrication, door handle, screws. It can be used to work for the lubrication of joints and the wheels of office furniture for cleaning and protecting any type of equipment, from forklifts to small items like sockets and plugs. Protects gears against rust, clearing deposits from them and the mold, lime, sawdust, glue, etc. The range of uses even includes smoothing locked zippers, removing gum from carpet or shoes, gear protection, gymnastics equipment and maintaining guitar strings.

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