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Super Insulation NANOPROTECH 33 ml

Super Insulation NANOPROTECH 33 ml
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Super Electric NANOPROTECH
To protect electrical devices from moisture, oxidation, short circuit, leakage current. It anticorrosive, insulating, moisture removal fantastic penetration force and unique lubrication.

The unique qualities waterproofing, corrosion, insulation and penetrating properties of "NANOPROTECH» and technical data are confirmed by laboratory tests.

Remove short circuits, creates a protective layer protects contacts lighting system, increases the lifespan of electrical appliances.

NANOPROTECH Home Electric household appliances protects cables and networks of all kinds of moisture (steam, humidity, dew, fog, splash, rain, acid rain, salt and chlorinated water, chemical evaporation, etc.) and prevents corrosion.
- Prevents short circuits, freezing and oxidation contacts
- Protects insulation penetrations
- Prevents oxidation, formation of fungus and mold on electrical contacts
- Remove soot deposits and dirt
- Protects the static electricity
- Allows restoring, protecting and improving indicators insulation resistance of electrical equipment operating in wet conditions
- Ability to function and restores electrical conductivity of electronic components and devices from moisture damage (oxidation and corrosion)
- Significantly increase the lifetime of components and electrical equipment working in wet conditions

- It forms a protective layer waterproof and water repellent
- Remove moisture from the surface completely treated
- Maintain the electrical conductivity of water treated and connections
- Perform an increased electrical resistance of the conductor
- It forms an insulating layer and prevents leakage currents peripheral
- Due to strong capillary effect, substance get inside the equipment and electrical appliances, without requiring dismantling
- Fill microscopic cavities
- Maintains elasticity
- No harmful effect and not destroy, metals, plastic, rubber, glass, paints, ceramics, electric motors
- Do not dissolve in water
- No emulsion forms
- It has a dielectric
- Does not contain rubber, silicone, acrylic, Teflon, flavoring components
- It is environmentally friendly and does not affect human and animal health
- Operating temperature (resistance coating) is from -80 ° С 160 ° С to
- The duration of action of protection: over 1 year depending on the coating mechanical action

Unlike known insulating sprays, electric NANOPROTECH is resistant to mechanical action supported, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol and white spirit, does not evaporate and does not need any additional cleaning or lubrication. Totally eliminate moisture, lubricates mechanisms treated effectively insulates electrical and electronic components even being wet, restabililind normal operating parameters.

Protective layer adheres very hard surface treated and resist strong mechanical loads. Insignificant excess product that may leak from equipment treated water surface nature greasy smudges.

Fields of application:
Service, maintenance, repair and prevention:
- Electrical tools (drill, drill, electric saw, electrocositoare, flex, etc.)
- Sources of light (outdoor lighting, ilumonatul and electrical cables in wet rooms, light boxes, external advertising, projectors)
- Security and Protection (alarms, sensors, PIR's, contacts videocontrol systems, etc)
- Mobile Phones
- Switchboards
- Components of PCs and servers (blocks of memory, motherboards, power supplies, etc.)
- Other electric and electric

User friendly.
Wide range of application areas.
Does not require surface preparation application.
Effective even on untreated surfaces wet.
Products in 33 ml aerosol cans.
Application: Spray on surface (consumption: 50 ml / m2).
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture Store in original container at temperature between +5 and +25 degrees Celsius.

NANOPROTECH Super Electric is irreplaceable in house workshop.

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