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APC Elektro Propeller 16 x 8
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Motor Water Cooling Coil 36 mm
Motor diameter: 36 mm
Šifra proizvoda: 151000015
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Cooling water inlet/ outlet 10 mm

Graupner quality

Outlet spacing: 10 mm
This device can be used with items 1451, 4391, 4393, G3329

Šifra proizvoda: G1427
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SEAKING Aluminium Water Cooling for 2848 Size Motors Tube

Inner Diameter: for D28 mm motors
Water cooling outer diameter: 31 mm
Length 36 mm

Šifra proizvoda: TB2848
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Water Cooling System for Motor Controllers

For electronic speed controller

Šifra proizvoda: ETRR
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Water cooling unit for Rookie 25 and 35 controllers

Additional water cooling
For speed controllers ROOKIE 25, 35

Šifra proizvoda: SRA8003
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Silicone thermal paste 0.5 g

Optimizes heat transfer

Weight: 0.5 g

Šifra proizvoda: PASTA/SILH/05
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Silicone thermal paste 7 g

Optimizes heat transfer

Weight: 7 g

Šifra proizvoda: PASTA/SILH/T7
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 Frame + engine water cooling 28xx
Dimensiuni racire:
Lungime: 57 mm
Latime: 35 mm
Grosime: 8,5 mm
Diametru exterior stut: 4.8 mm
Šifra proizvoda: RCSETBR
12,01€ 7,35€
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