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O.S. Glowplug No.8 (Medium)

O.S. Glowplug No.8 (Medium)
O.S. Glowplug No.8 (Medium)
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O.S. Glowplug No.8 (Medium) - 1 pcs

Tough Enough to Take the Heat

Getting the best engine performance means choosing the right glow plug, which depends on a number of different factors - the engine type, air-fuel mix, nitro percentage, and even air temperature.

What's more, the right glow plug will change as conditions change. Keeping a range of glow plugs on hand will help you fine-tune glow heat and enjoy maximum performance under all conditions.

Generally, hot plugs provide better idle and acceleration than cold plugs. Cold plugs will produce more power but may idle more roughly and be harder to tune.

How Glowplug Ignition Works
With a glowplug engine, ignition is initiated by the application of a 1.5-volt power source. When the battery is disconnected, the heat retained within the engine's combusion chamber remains sufficient to keep the engine running. Ignition timing is 'automatic': At higher rpm, the plug becomes hitter and, appropriately, fires the fuel/air charge earlier; at reduced rpm, the filament becames cooler and ignition is retarded.

Glowplug Life
Particuarly in the case of very high performance engines, glowplugs have to be regarded as consumable items. However, plug life can be lengthened and performance maintained as follows:
- Fit a plug suitable for the engine
- Use fuel containing a moderate percentage of nitromethane unless essential for contest use.
- Do not run the engine lean, or leave the plug connected while adjusting the needle-valve
- Use a fuel containing as low nitro as possible

When to replace the Glowplug
Apart from when actually burned out, a plug may need to be replaced because it no longer delivers its best performance, such as when:
- Filament coil has became distorted
- Filament surface has roughened while
- Foreign matter had adhered to filament or plug body has corroded
- Engine tends to cut out when idling
- Starting qualities deteriorate

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