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Turnigy Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5V/ 1A)

Turnigy Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5V/ 1A)
Proizvođač: Hobby King Turnigy
Šifra proizvoda: DMDL-VBOSTER
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Cena: 7,33€

Lipoly Single cell voltage booster for Receivers and servos.
This little unit plugs into your single cell lipoly and will boost the voltage to 5V, allowing you to run a receiver on a single cell lipo!

Why would you want to do this? Less weight of course!

This little voltage booster weighs just 2.9g with wire and plug and full length pins. It is built on a flexible PCB (the same type used in your mobile phone to control the screen) so its very light, flexible and thin. Removing the wires and plug plus cutting the pins down will reduce weight by a further .6g!

Operating Voltage: 3.2 - 4.2 V
Operating Current: 1 A
Max operating Current: 1.5 A
Weight: 2.9 g
Warning! Pay attention to the polarity of plugs and never use more than one single lipo cell to power the voltage booster.

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