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Precision variometer with altitude

Precision variometer with altitude
Precision variometer with altitude
Proizvođač: robbe
Šifra proizvoda: F1672
Dostupnost: Nije na stanju
Cena: 227,38€

With its small dimensions and a weight of only 5.5 g is is likely that the robbe TEK precision vario and altimeter is currently the world's smallest, lightest and most accurate sensor (with dual TEK sensor). The individual robbe-Futaba sensor ID automatically configures the sequence and display unit when the sensor is registered (to the transmitter or the Telemetry-Box).

Features of the vario-altimeter sensor:
- High sensitivity of 2 cm/s makes it possible to exploit very weak thermal lift. The system indicates even the slightest sign of the model climbing.
- The TEK socket makes it possible to compensate for "stick-generated thermals". The result is that speed changes have hardly any effect on the vario sound and speech output.
- The second supplementary pressure sensor provides accurate altitude monitoring, in spite of the variometer's TEK compensation, which produces a further improvement in sensitivity.
- This variometer is naturally height-compensated (a 1 mBar change of pressure at sea-level corresponds to a different rate of climb at an altitude of 3000 m)
- Pressure is converted in accordance with standard ICAO atmosphere with an accuracy of 1 m
- The TEK vario / altimeter is particularly good at rejecting interference from 2.4 GHz telemetry transmitters.
- Update facility via USB, i.e. software updates and future developments can be installed by the user
- Pressure element mounted on a ceramic substrate for extremely low pressure sensor drift due to temperature and protracted usage.

Vario measurement range: -300 m/s …+300 m/s
Vario resolution: = 2 cm/s
Altitude measurement: -1000 m ... +9000 m
Altitude resolution: 1 m
Dimensions: approx. 37.5 x 22.5 x 9.3 mm
Weight: approx. 6.5 g
Operating voltage: 3.6 ... 8.4 V
Current drain: approx. 5 mA

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