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ULTIMATE version for windows with USB-Commander with over 200 models and over  50 Sceneries
The NEW No.1 R/C Flight Simulator
- Suitable for USB-Simulator Commander, RC transmitter or joysticks!
- All models are instantly scalable!
- Immediately ready for download!
- Quadrocopters, electric and gas powered airplanes, helicopters, gliders,jets, and scale models!
- Perfected aerofly flight physics for a realistic flight feeling
- An USB-GameCommader or USB-Interfaceadapter for control is recommended

All models instantly scaleable
It sounds unbelievable, but with the aeroflyRC7 arrives a new function, which increases the model selection infinitely. Each model, whether fixed wing model or helicopters, can be adjusted in size, from 50% to 200% of the original size!

Users can i.e. shrink a jet with 2.4 m wingspan to 1.2 m wingspan or increase the wingspan up to 4.8 m. Scaling is accomplished very easy via a slider control in the model pull down menu. When changing the size, the weight and flight physics are automatically adjusted. With this function any scale model, aerobatic model, glider or helicopter can be transformed either into an agile mini model or a slower reacting large model.

With this unique feature, the users can create a virtually infinite variety from the over 200 included models and even your individual dream model. And all this with just a click of the mouse!

Universal control / Multilingual

Feel free to select any simulator commander, remote control or joystick. And feel free to select your menu language!
When it comes to selecting the control device the user enjoys total freedom with the aeroflyRC7. The flight simulator will recognize any controller or interfaces which are automatically detected by windows as an USB game controller!
• easyFly3 and easyFly4 GameCommander
• aerofly Professional GameCommander
• aerofly5 GameCommander
• All black USB-Interfacesticks by IKARUS
• All red multiplayer adapter by IKARUS
• All yellow  easyFly3 and easyFly4 USB-Interfacesticks
• The USB-GameCommander by Realflight
• The Simulus-Commander by Pearl
• USB Gamepads, e.g. the  easyfly3 USB-Gamepad
• USB mouses

Over 200 models
A complete list would blow this release out of proportion, listing all the jets, aerobatic models, gliders, flying wings, electric, gas or turbine powered helicopters, quadrocopters, foam models, shock flyers, racing aircraft, multi engine aircraft, tandem helicopter and much, much more. With the aeroflyRC7 the user will get everything he has ever dreamed off as an RC model. The website www.ikarus.net features a model gallery showing virtually all models. You will find some highlights at the media gallery at the end of this press release.

Over 50 sceneries
The aeroflyRC7 is actually fully equipped making it the best IKARUS flight simulator of all time. There are extremely realistic photo sceneries of many American, European and worldwide existing model airfields and slopes. They are supplemented with fascinating 4D-sceneries with customizable visual and weather conditions, providing an incredible plus in flying fun through many challenges and follow mode flight. Among them are popular and unusual sceneries such as Las Vegas at night, and manymore.

Quadrocopters are the current trend. Flying them seems so easy, but there are basic things that you must practice to perfectly maneuver a quadrocopter. The detection of flight attitude at a considerable distance is only one aspect. With the aeroflyRC7 you can practice now to perfectly fly a quadrocopter.

Multicopter cockpit camera
The combination of 4D sceneries and cockpit camera opens up the whole world of multicopter flying. Users will experience flying in an FPV perspective. This is basically flying the model from the perspective of an onboard camera.
The 4D sceneries offer’s perfect practice opportunities. Fly through tunnels, cities and land on rooftops. This is a perfect and extremely realistic environment for practicing!

Auto-Balance and Homebutton for multi copter
Like in the real you can choose between two flight modes. At the first one your multi copter is automatically stabilized and at the second one you`ll have full control about the model and its pure flight characteristics. Have fun and action with!
The homebutton brings your multi copter automatically back to the latest flight position – by the touch of a button!

Have one eye on the ground
Take a quick look at the ground by easy touch of a button or fix the ground permanently in your field of view. These features helps to make a perfect approach!

Ultrarealistic glare effects
The graphics performance of the aerofly flight simulators is already known as the best all over the world. And yet the developers top it with yet another feature. Now glare effects can be activated. Those who enjoy flying in photorealistic sceneries won’t be able to tell the difference from reality. Only the aerofly is that good!

Landing guide line
The best landing’s start with a clean approach.To perfectly set up the final approach, the user is now able to insert a ground guide line, which moves in relation to the model aircraft. This line always runs parallel to the landing strip and is an indication for the pilot whether he is heading toward the landing field center or if he is flying offset to it.

Aerobatic box (F3A grid)
The aerobatics class has its own rules. One of the most important is to maintain certain altitude lines when performing aerobatic maneuvers. Overlaying a vertical aerobatic grid simplifies aerobatics training. Aerobatic pilots can target alignment, constant distance to the flight line as well as altitude.
Takeoff, landing, passes, thermal soaring, slope soaring or aerobatics, in all these disciplines, you will progress with a clean flying style. Thanks to the flight track display, all users can monitor their flight style.

Air race
Pilots can fly In the aeroflyRC7 4D sceneries against the clock on a defined race course. That’s an exciting competition requiring good flying skill and piloting experience.

Torque trainer with model alignment
Hover the model airplane like a helicopter hanging vertically on the propeller. Performing this maneuver requires quite some practicing. The torque trainer feature will help tremendously. For each control function the required support can be selected individually.
In addition the trainer can automatically point the model top toward the pilot. This is a great help for the first torque attempts.

Limbo flying
Limbo flying: fun and practice at the same time. Who does the most goal fly-troughs? Clearly the pilot with the best flying skill.

Hover flight trainer
Roll, pitch, throttle and yaw function: The simultaneous coordination of all four control functions is the secret behind helicopter flying. Initially the hover trainer takes over all functions and keeps the model at constant altitude. The pilot can gradually take over individual or all functions.

Balloon Popping
Popp the balloons and collect reward points. No matter whether you do it in pilot’s view on the ground or in the amazing 4D sceneries in follow mode, balloon popping is pure adrenalin.

Landing competition
Flying means landing safely. The landing competition literally requires accuracy and concentration during the landing approach. The better the landing, the higher your score!

Replay and Recording Center
By simply touching a button, pilots can stop their flight at any point and rewind in 5 second increments. This is perfect to practice landing approaches or to undo even a crash and be able to master the situation better next time. For training purposes, or just for fun all flights can be recorded with the recording window and reviewed later from different perspectives.

Position indicator
What is the aircraft’s altitude? This question is being answered now by the position indicator. This is a great tool to practice a clean approach and to better access the landing pattern.

Orientation grid
aeroflyRC7, the top flight simulator from IKARUS, offers an orientation grid for the novice model pilot. It greatly helps to maintain orientation in the airspace. Even the landing approach is significantly easier.

Easy transmitter Setup
The transmitter calibration takes place via an interactive dialogue in the easySetup menu. At the end of the 5 steps, all control and special functions are programmed. With this default Setup the user can precisely fly all model aircraft.

Flight instruments
Altitude, attitude, speed and other important indicators can be displayed as overlay instruments.

Adjustable flight conditions
Wind, turbulence, thermals, visibility, time of day and cloud formation; in the 4D-sceneries the RC pilot may select his desired flight conditions and thus create realistic environments.

Flight path indicator
Takeoff, landing, slope soaring, in any cases you can control your style with the flight path indicator.

2 x 4 control modes
From mode 1 to mode 4, all known control modes are easily adjustable in the quick start menu. For pilots who do not push but pull the throttle all 4 modes are available, as well as inverted.

Mouse control
Those who don’t have a transmitter or joystick yet, can still fly the aeroflyRC7 initially with the mouse as transmitter replacement. In this mode a crosshair icon replaces the joystick allowing first flights.

Ultra realistic flight feeling
Ultra realistic flight feeling thanks to the entirely new aerofly flight physics
The aeroflyRC7 is based on a completely new realistic flight physic simulation. The processes calculated in real time have been expanded several times, creating the ultra realistic flight feeling of the aeroflyRC7. The even faster calculation, strictly based on the physical parameters has a noticeably affect on the flight behavior of the models.


System requirements:
  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon64 X2
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 18 GB of free hard-disc space
  • Graphic card: ATI Radeon HD 4850 with at least 512MB
         NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or faster with at least 512 MB
         Intel HD 4000 or faster
  • A compatible input-device to control the models
  • Windows 7 / 8
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Graphic card with 1 GB of dedicated RAM


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