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Activator Spray 200 ml
Šifra proizvoda: RCS236085
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Activator Spray STYRO 200 ml

Activator spray for robbe Foam Speed

Šifra proizvoda: 236095
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Adhesive Robbe Speed Extra 20 g thin
Cyan-Acrylat Superglue, specia for Balsa wood, for extreme fast connections 
Not suited for foamparts 
Content: 20 g
Šifra proizvoda: 5061
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Adhesive Speed STYRO 20 g

Cyanoacrylate adhesive
For Polystyrene, Styrofoam, Depron, EPP, Arcel, Elapor

Šifra proizvoda: 230460
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Adhesive Super Glue 20 g medium
Cyano-acrylate glue, 20 g. All-purpose cyano adhesive with slightly longer working time, very economical.
This adhesive can glue almost any kind of material, except Polystyrene, Styrofoam, Depron and other foams. It also works on EPP, Arcel, Elapor.
We recommend making a test on a small area before gluing the final desired surface.
Contents: 20 g
Drying time: 10 - 25 seconds
Šifra proizvoda: RCS236012
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Bison Epoxy Rapid adhesive 24 ml

Two-part adhesive based on epoxy resins
Transparent resin and hardener

Šifra proizvoda: RCSSRA9606
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Bison Epoxy Universal adhesive 24 ml

Powerful, universal, capacity to fill gaps

For metals, wood, pottery, porcelain, stone, concrete and some plastics

Šifra proizvoda: SRA9607
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Bison Polyurethane 75 g

Glue styrofoam, polistyren, wood, plywood,
wood, metal, stone, plastic, fiber glass

Waterproof, with great filling capacity

Šifra proizvoda: RCSSRA9603
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CA Applicator Fine (1 pcs)

For increased precision

1 pcs

Šifra proizvoda: RCSHK-322
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Cyano-acrylate Adhesive Robbe Speed Foam 20 g
The ideal cyano glue for all moulded foam components (Polystyrene, Styrofoam, Depron, EPP, Arcel, Elapor, etc).
Ideal for quick repairs; alternatively reduces weight compared with conventional adhesives.
Contents: 20 g
Drying time: 3 - 10 seconds
Šifra proizvoda: 5069
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