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LOCTITE 243 (10 ml)
Šifra proizvoda: LOC243
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Bison Universal Hobby Glue 90 ml

Household glue, transparent
Exceptional quality, dries quickly and is waterproof
Glue paper, cardboard, wood, felt, textiles and cork apart and metal, porcelain, polystyrene foam and many plastics

Šifra proizvoda: SRA0414
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Bison Epoxy Rapid adhesive 24 ml

Two-part adhesive based on epoxy resins
Transparent resin and hardener

Šifra proizvoda: RCSSRA9606
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Bison Epoxy Universal adhesive 24 ml

Powerful, universal, capacity to fill gaps

For metals, wood, pottery, porcelain, stone, concrete and some plastics

Šifra proizvoda: SRA9607
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Bison Polyurethane 75 g

Glue styrofoam, polistyren, wood, plywood,
wood, metal, stone, plastic, fiber glass

Waterproof, with great filling capacity

Šifra proizvoda: RCSSRA9603
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Bison Kit Universal Contact Adhesive 50 ml

Super strong universal adhesive
Provides an instant bond
For plastic laminates (formica), wood, board and MDF, veneer, foam and rubber, artificial leather, cork

Šifra proizvoda: SRA9609
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