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HHS 2000 500 ml spray grease

HHS 2000 500 ml spray grease
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HHS 2000
Semi-synthetic oil resistant high pressure

Recommended for universal lubrication and parts subject to pressure, eg Gearshift pedal, clutch, hinges, slides, etc.
Pressure resistance when large tasks:
Despite loads (pressures) and high shear miscrii body basic HHS 2000 film remains active and does not break. He opposed separate body from basic body providing optimum protection from wear under heavy loads.

This is possible if the lubricant does not contain dirt. Therefore we recommend cleaning thoroughly with Pre - cleaner HHS Art 893 106 10 before each lubrication.

High pressure resistance.
Advantages - Film Lubricant great tear resistance and outstanding properties of noise attenuation and vibration .

High capacity sliding.
Advantages - Excellent lubricating properties in areas with small tolerances. Very good protection against corrosion .

Very good adhesion.
Advantages - The lubricant is thrown off the parts that revolve / rotate.

Good compatibility with the materials.
Advantages - Compatible with ring A and X, and plastics.
                       - Behavior neutral painted surfaces .

Strength wastewater and salt water, weak acid or basic solutions.

Does not contain Silicone, resins and acids.

Temperature range: -35 ° C to +180 ° C / 200 ° C shortly
Color: yellow

Content: 500 ml

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