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Moto/Velo Nanoprotech 33 ml

Moto/Velo Nanoprotech 33 ml
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Corrosion lubricant for bikes. Lubricates, protects from corrosion and moisture. Remove creak long term. Unlock rusted and frozen pieces. Ideal for conservation bike during the winter.
Extending the life of mechanisms and equipment, lubrication and corrosion prevention, prevention of freezing Accessories move.
Area of ​​use:
- Protection of metal parts, assemblies and mechanisms of action of damp, high humidity, condensation, rain, etc.
- Restores the mechanisms and equipment operating parameters affected by moisture;
- Prevent damage output and use of metal parts, assemblies and mechanisms;
- Extends the life of several times metal parts, assemblies and equipment;
- Lubricate friction components loads (chains, changing speed (front, rear), brake cables, fittings)
- It is recommended to implement the bicycle chain every 50 kilometers
Velolubrifiantul prevents destruction of the bellows, gaskets, seals. It makes them more resilient even in an excessive temperature difference from -45 to + 160 ° С. Increase life several times.
Ensures high corrosion protection (especially against salt and reagents) with long-term effect and prolonged effect of protection against moisture. It has a strong lubricating and cleaning action and an excellent adhesion to the surface of metals, alloys, metal parts.
Protects metal surfaces, equipment and mechanisms of rain, condensation reagents road salt water and chlorinated water.
- Lubricates and protects from corrosion and humidity
- Remove creak term
- Frees rusted and frozen parts
- Prevents freezing mobile mechanisms at temperatures up to -45 ° С
- Ideal solution for long-term preservation and storage of bikes (between seasons)
Competitive advantages:
Unlike containment sprays produced by other companies, lubricant NANOPROTECH Moto / Velo has high resistance to mechanical loads, does not absorb moisture, does not contain isopropanol, ethylene glycol and white spirit, do not evaporate, does not require additional cleaning and greasing after treatment. Eliminating moisture, lubricates mechanism NANOPROTECH Treaty.
- High degree of protection against moisture.
- Provides good adhesion to the surface spraying (even with temperature variation).
- Provides long term protection of the protected area.
User friendly.
Does not require surface preparation.
Effective even on damp or wet surfaces.
Contents: 33 ml.
Application: Spray onto the surface (consumption: 50 g / m2).
Shelf life: 5 years from date of manufacture.
NANOPROTECH Moto / Velo bike lengthens life.

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