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Speaker 50 mm/ 8 Ohm/ 1 W

Speaker 50 mm/ 8 Ohm/ 1 W
Speaker 50 mm/ 8 Ohm/ 1 W Speaker 50 mm/ 8 Ohm/ 1 W
Šifra proizvoda: POL1262
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This high-quality, 50mm speaker can generate sound louder than our smaller 30mm speaker and has a flatter frequency response curve.

This general-purpose little speaker is great for adding high-fidelity sound that can bring your project to life (or to annoy your friends and family with loud sirens and squawks!). If you have the space and an adequate driver for it (we were able to get decent polyphonic results with just a small MOSFET controlled from a microcontroller PWM line), you can really get much more volume and richness than you can from smaller speakers and buzzers.


Rated input power: 1 W
Maximum input power: 2 W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Size: D50 x H18.2 mm

Frequency response curve for the 50mm speaker.

50mm speaker dimensions (in mm).

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