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Brushed Motor 15mm 6V 20000KV w/ 50:1 Ratio Gearbox

Brushed Motor 15mm 6V 20000KV w/ 50:1 Ratio Gearbox
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Brushed Motor 15mm 6V 20000KV w/ 30:1 Ratio Gearbox

These great little brushed motor / gearbox combinations are perfect for robots. The gearbox gives a set speed at a constant voltage for use without a speed controller or you can use a speed controller to vary the speed. They come in a variety of gear ratios from 10:1 to 298:1.

These motor / gearbox combinations have thousands of applications and are excellent value for money.

Gear Ratio: 30:1
Input Voltage: 6V
RPM: 20000KV
Max Current: 1A
Max Power: 1W
Idle Current: 0.08A
Resistance: 7.5mh
Shaft: 3.0mm
Weight : 10g

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