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One of our favorite things at DJI is watching people's faces light up the first time they fly, and we want to bring that joy to more people. We also know a lot of you have dreamed of that experience for yourselves, but just haven't made the leap. Well, this is your chance to bring those worlds together. A chance for you to win a Phantom. All you need to do is come up with an amazing Phantom shell design!

Get those creative juices flowing and break out the Wacom tablets, Faber Castell pencils, Adobe Illustrator or whatever tool you choose and create something incredible.Who knows, yours might be a winning entry!

Contest Period
Registration and Submission : 0900 April 8, 2014 - 2400 May 6, 2014 (GMT +8:00)
Public Voting : May 10, 2014 - May 31, 2014
Winner Announcement : June 6, 2014
5 Judges Choice Prizes, each includes:
20 People's Choice Prizes, each includes:
Sponsored by:

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If you have any other enquiries, please contact us at

Yours Sincerely,


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Dear DJI Dealers&Customers,

ZENMUSE H3-3D compatible with PHANTOM 2 is released.

What’s new?
Main Controller Firmware:
1.Supported of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions. When using iPad Ground Station, the BTU firmware should be upgrade to V1.0.1.3 or above.
2.Added Flight Limits functions, including Max Height and Max Radius limits.
3.Added LED indicators warning, if non-DJI smart battery is detected, the LED flight indicators will be solid red.
4.Optimized compass calibration algorithm to increasing its resistance to interferences.
5.Improved battery level detecting methods to make low battery level warning more precise.
6.The maximum descending speed is limited to 3m/s.
7.Fixed the bouncing problems after landed.

Central Board Firmware:
1.Supported of iPad Ground Station and PC Ground Station functions.
2.Supported Flight Limits functions

Assistant Software:
1.Added Flight Limits page in Phantom working mode.

User Manual:
1.Added connections when using Ground Station functions.
2.Added instructions of flight limits.

1.Upgrade the main controller and central board firmware to the latest version using PHANTOM 2 Assistant Software V2.00 otherwise there will be malfunction caused by version mismatch.


At DJI, we strive to provide our customers with the best products. Due to continuous R&D, we had to delay the release of the Ground Station function support for Phantom 2, until now. DJI apologizes for such a delay, as we strived to ensure that Ground Station was in compliance with various regulations worldwide.

For more information , please check here, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations Marketing Dept. Tel: +86 755 26656676 Fax: +86 755 83067370










































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Dear DJI Dealers & Customers,

The 3-axis Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal is another milestone in gimbal innovation. Designed for the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+, it is a high precision gimbal offering high stability, light weight and plug and play simplicity. It is ideal for a range of applications, from film and TV to cinematography. 

  • 3-axis gimbal
  • High precision brushless servo 
  • Aluminum alloy body
  • Built-in independent IMU module
  • Lightweight
  • PHANTOM 2 supported
  • GoPro3 and GoPro 3+ silver and black support 
  • Zenmuse technology
For more information , please check here, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations Marketing Dept. Tel: +86 755 26656676 Fax: +86 755 83067370































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Dear DJI Dealers,

DJI Lightbridge will start shipping during February 2014. We will only have 500 units available this month so get your pre-orders in as soon as possible.

DJI Lightbridge is an all new revolutionary 2.4G Full HD digital video downlink. DJI Lightbridge offers extremely powerful equipment packed into a small and light-weight form factor.By offering 1920 x 1080p@30fps video data transmission from up to 1.7km (1.05miles) away, it's the ideal solution for the professional aerial photographer and FPV users. Set yourself free and remove the limits from low definition analog video transmitters.

1.2.4G Full HD Digital Video Downlink. 
2.Extreme Long Distance Transmission.
3.Multiple Input And Output Connections.
4.Built-in Remote Control Link.
5.Strong Anti-Jamming Technology.
6.Low Latency Transmission.
7.Built-in OSD(On-Screen Display)Function.
8.Must Work With DJI Multi-Rotor Flight Controllers.
9.Multi-device Operation Mode, Stable And Reliable.
10.Built-in High Capacity Battery.
11.Electromagnetic Interference Shielded Structural Design.

For more information , please check here, thanks! 


Yours sincerely,
DJI Innovations


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Dear DJI Dealers&Customers,

Thank you for your constant support and patience! We have some exciting news to share with you. We have just launched v1.1.9 firmware for the FC200 camera, adding long awaited Adobe DNG RAW support! Metadata for Adobe DNG RAW files will also include GPS location and relative altitude. Please follow update procedures carefully. DJI will keep working to further improve the quality of the RAW file and providing the best aerial photography solutions to our customers.

1. The latest version of the DJI Vision app can now be downloaded. (iOS: v1.0.32; Android: v1.0.38)
2. Firmware for the Phantom 2 Vision FC200 camera has been updated to v1.1.9. Please download through our website.

Update Procedures:
1. Download the latest camera firmware and unzip it.
2. Copy the “firmware.bin” file to the root folder of an empty Micro-SD card (32gb or lower).
3. Make sure the camera is turned off, then insert the Micro-SD card.
4. Turn on the camera.
5. Firmware update will begin automatically. A yellow flashing LED on the camera indicates that the camera is updating.
6. When the flashing stops, the update is finished. After a successful update, the “firmware.bin” file name will change to “firmware.bin.bak00”. This file can then be deleted.

Special Notes:
1. During the update, do not turn off the camera or take out the Micro-SD card. This may prevent your camera from switching on and will need a factory reset.
2. A fast red flashing LED on the camera after the update means the update has failed. Please try again.
3. You must use the latest DJI Vision App (iOS App: v1.0.32; Android App: v1.0.38).

For more information , please visit the DJI website or reach your sales representative, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
DJI Innovations




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Dear DJI Dealers&Customers,

DJI released new firmware v2.1 for A2!

What is new?

1.Enhanced performance of A2 flight control system in data loss situations that are caused by
   abnormal communications.
2.Optimized control performance, if the command of Yaw control stick is zero, the command
   variation of Elevator, Roll and Throttle will not change the aircraft attitude around Yaw. 
3.Optimized IOC function and POI algorithm to improve user experience.
4.Optimized communication protocol.
5.Support to upgrade A2 GPS Module.
6.Fixed the attitude jitters during Failsafe and Go Home.

Assistant Software:
1.Added RC status display.
2.Assistant Software released with support for Mac OS X 10.6(Lion) or above. Assistant software
   usages on Mac and Windows are exactly the same.

User Manual:
1.Added installation and usage instructions for A2 Assistant Software on Mac OS X.
2.Added Failsafe settings for traditional receiver users.
3.Added RC status explanation.
4.Revised the control mode introduction.
5.Added trouble shooting list of motors start failures.
6.Added a note that if the second level low voltage alerts occur when the aircraft is during
   Failsafe and Go Home process or the aircraft is controlled by Ground Station, the
   aircraft will descend automatically.
7.Revised the recording conditions in IOC function.
8.Added a system error LED indicator shown in continuous 4 red blinks.
9.Revised the attitude status LED indicator, there is no blinks if the attitude status is good
   and continuous 3 white blinks if bad.
10.Added the note that when using with A2, the firmware of iOSD Mark II should be V3.0 or above
    and OSD Viewer should be V4.0 or above.

Notes for Upgrade:
1.For safety reasons, do not use the power battery for power supply during firmware upgrade.
   Reconfigure all parameters in the Assistant Software after firmware upgrade.
2.When using the A2 flight control system firmware version V2.1, the firmware of other DJI
   products used in conjunction must be matched with the requirements in the table below. 

     3.When launching for the first time on Mac OS X, please open the Assistant Software in the
        Finder.After the first successful launch, the application can be launched by double-clicking
        the A2 icon in the Finder or using Launchpad.
     4.Please download the application installer in DMG format from the download page of A2 on
        the DJI website.
     5.The Assistant Software for Windows and Mac OS X will updated simultaneously in the future.

    For more information , please visit the DJI website or reach your sales representative, thanks!

Yours sincerely,
DJI Innovations


DJI released a new firmware v1.08 for Phantom 2!

DJI released a new firmware v1.08 and user manual v1.02 for Phantom 2!

What’s new?


  • In Phantom 2 mode, users can set a new home point manually when the aircraft is in “Ready to fly” status as long as a home point has been recorded automatically.
  • In a Failsafe situation, if less than 6 GPS satellites are found for more than 20 seconds, the aircraft will descend automatically.
  • Fixed a glitch that prevented descent after the 2nd level low battery capacity warning occurs when in Naza-M mode.

Assistant Software

  • Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision will share the Phantom 2 Assistant Software.

User Manual

  • Added the 8-Pin port sequence on AVL58 connection diagrams.
  • Added an important note: Keep the wireless video transmission module and other communicating devices away from the compass during installation and connection to avoid interference.
  • Added a note about automatic descent when GPS satellites are found less than 6 for more than 20 seconds while in Failsafe.

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade the main controller and central board firmware to the latest version using Assistant Software V1.08. Be sure the central board firmware is V1.0.1.19 or above, otherwise there will be malfunction caused by version mismatch.
  • Upgrade iOSD mini, iOSD Mark II and H3-2D firmware to the latest version before using them with Phantom 2.
  • If you have any problems during upgrade, please contact your dealer or DJI Customer Service.

Please click here for more information.


Da li ste spremni za Phantom 2?



DT7 & DR16 RC System


A total solution for hobbyists
Works perfectly with DJI flight control systems requiring only a single D-Bus cable, and provides two switches and a gimbal pitch control slider. Combined with a Naza-M flight control system, Flame Wheel series flight platform and an H3-2D gimbal, it creates the best total solution for hobbyists.


Entry level remote control
The best choice for an entry level remote control. Simple, practical and equipped with spring centered sticks that centers when released, putting your aircraft into hover automatically. It needs just 4 AA batteries.

entry level remote control

DR16 D-Bus receiver
Safe and easy to install, the DR16 D-Bus receiver supports up to 16 channels.

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