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T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter

T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter
T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter T-REX 150 DFC COMBO Model Helicopter
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T-REX 150 DFC Combo BTF robbe Design
The T-REX 150 - 3D machine with the exclusive robbe look!
Enter the new world of mini 3D helicopters with the exclusive robbe version of the T-REX 150! Never has there been a model helicopter of this size which displayed such an impressive performance in the air. 
The T-Rex 150 DFC is now capable of flight manoeuvres which were previously the preserve of its bigger brothers. Manoeuvres such as piro-flips, funnels and inverted backwards speed circles - this exceptional little helicopter can do all of them without problem. Through all these manoeuvres the tail stays exactly where it is put, as if nailed to the sky. 
The motor also generates plenty of power. Even towards the end of the flight (4 to 6 minutes), there is no sign of power sag from the 2S 250 mAh LiPo flight battery. Any pilot who tries out the T-REX 150 won't be able to stop hurling this tiny, powerful 3D chopper through violent aerial manoeuvres in the smallest possible space.

Special features:
- Bind To Fly: in just a few seconds the model can be bound to any Futaba radio control system with the 2.4 GHz S-FHSS transmission protocol (T6J, T8J, T14SG, FX22, FX32 and T18MZ). Alternatively a FASST system can be used in conjunction with the FHSS General Link module.
- Since it is possible to connect satellite receivers, the T-REX 150 DFC can also be operated with Spektrum DSM2 / DSMX and JR DSM2 equipment.
- 2S 250 mAh LiPo flight battery included in the set.
- Integral triple-axis gyro system.
- Not just suitable for pro-standard pilots. The model's manoeuvrability can be adjusted to suit the pilot's preferences using the potentiometer mounted directly on the circuit board of the flybarless system.

Tail rotor diameter approx.: 40 mm
All-up weight approx.: 70 g
No-load speed: 70 g
Length approx.: 255 mm
Height approx.: 85 mm
Main rotor diameter approx.: 271 mm
RC functions:
Tail rotor
Collective pitch
Motor speed
- T-REX 150 DFC Combo BTF
- 150M brushless motor
- 150M tail rotor motor
- 2x DS150 swashplate servos
- DS155 swashplate servo
- Beginner's rotor blades
- 3D rotor blades
- Tail rotor
- LiPo flight battery
- Binding plug
- Operating instructions
Product Features:
DFC rotor head
The DFC main rotor head is made entirely of aluminium. It responds with incredible precision to control commands, and ensures an outstanding performance in the air.

Control unit
The control unit specially developed for the T-Rex 150 DFC consists of a flybarless system carefully optimised for top performance, an FHSS receiver and a brushless speed controller.

Tail rotor
It is the tail rotor of the T-Rex 150 DFC which is so impressive. Through all manoeuvres the tail stays exactly where it is put, as if nailed to the sky. Exactly what you need for serious 3D flying.

150M brushless motor
The 150M motor and 2S flight battery provide unbelievable power, and will amaze both you and your spectators.

150M tail rotor motor
The brushless motor provides excellent 'locked-in' tail rotor characteristics, and is responsible for the model's superb performance during extreme manoeuvres.

DS150 / DS155 swashplate servos
The servos have been specially developed to meet the requirements of the T-Rex 150 DFC. They offer outstanding transit speed and plenty of power.
Torque 5.0 V: 0.8 kg-cm
Transit speed 5.0 V: 0.06 sec / 60°

Main rotor blades
Two pairs of blades are included in the set. They can be used to alter the helicopter's flying characteristics.
Black: Extreme 3D flying (2.9 g)
Orange: Stable characteristics (3.6 g)

2S LiPo flight battery
The 2S flight battery has a capacity of 250 mAh and a C-rate of 30C. The integral XH balancer connector is used both for connecting and charging the unit.


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