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MAX THRUST RIOT ARF Model Airplane (1400 mm)

MAX THRUST RIOT ARF Model Airplane (1400 mm)
MAX THRUST RIOT ARF Model Airplane (1400 mm) MAX THRUST RIOT ARF Model Airplane (1400 mm) MAX THRUST RIOT ARF Model Airplane (1400 mm)
Šifra proizvoda: RCS2624R
Dostupnost: Nije na stanju
Cena: 214,38€
The Max Thrust Riot is the perfect Allroand machine. Through the hollow space construction with reinforcing ribs, as well as the high curvature of the wing a very low wing loading is achieved. The brushless drive set provides plenty of power . Due to these features, it is easy to fly and has high power reserves. Even slight aerobatics such as rolls and loops and inverted flight are not a problem for the model. The Max Thrust Riot is robust and in case of damage easy to repair.
The Max Thrust Riot suitable for the advanced beginner who has some experience with aileron-controlled Models.
Length: ca. 1.130 mm
Wingspread: ca. 1.400 mm
Total surface area: ca. 36.8 dm2
Wing-load: ca. 41.6 g/dm2
Flight-weight: ca. 1.550 g
- Elevator
- Rudder
- Aileron
- Engineregulation
Items to be delivered:
- Fuselage, Wing and empennage made of EOP-foam
- All foam-modules are painted or have been covered with decals
- Robust undercarriage with big wheels
- 2x 9g Servos
- 2x 17g Servos
- Brushless Outrunner engine
- Brushless-Regulator (40A)
- Propeller
- Spinner and Propeller-driver
- LED-Lighting in the wingendings
- German instructions
Recommended equipment:
Art.-Nr. 6613TNXE LiPo battery robbe NXE-Power Evo 3S2200T/30C
Art.-Nr. MPX111068 MINIMA 6S 2,4GHz 6 Channel Receiver
Art.-Nr. MPX110187 FLASH 7 2,4GHz
Suitable charger and Charging-cable
Illustrations may show model with additional equipment, check items to be delivered. Illustrations may differ from the state of delivery. Technical changes reserved.

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