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TBS RaceTracker Lap Timer

TBS RaceTracker Lap Timer
TBS RaceTracker Lap Timer TBS RaceTracker Lap Timer
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The TBS RaceTracker is a crucial companion for any serious FPV racer. Place it next to a gate and let it measure your times across the racetrack using 5.8GHz video power levels. Train more scientifically and compete with friends!

Being the best is what competitive drone racing is all about, and to get there you need to train and compete.
Timing systems are expensive, tricky to set up and often unreliable. 
TBS RaceTracker in partnership with Drone Squad has arrived at a simple solution so that FPV flyers around the world can effortlessly measure their performance for training and competition.

With Universal Video RF sensing technology, it doesn't matter what FPV aircraft you are flying: Race Quad, Tiny Whoop or Wing, the TBS RaceTracker has you covered.

Incredibly simple to operate, all you need to do is place the RaceTracker at the start gate, pair it to the app and go! Nothing needs to be added to your drone.

The TBS RaceTracker was developed in partnership with German RF lap timing experts and uses intricate RF analysis to delivers transponderless millisecond accuracy lap times while ensuring compatibility amongst most video transmitters. 
The wide range of calibration features and default presets make sure that no lap time gets missed, ever! 
Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) connectivity to your mobile device provides great range and thanks to the bright LED's your spotter can observe the status from far away. A 3000mAh 1s Li-Ion battery allows the tracker to run for up to 6 hours. Charging is done from a standard micro USB plug.

An expansion port allows a host of extra features to be added as required and firmware upgrades are made over the air through your smartphone app ensure that your RaceTracker is always up to date.

Following the same formula as "BlackSheep", each tracker is allocated a fully unique and individual Color plus Animal nickname to avoid confusion at the gates where multiple trackers are in use.

Simple installation, updateable and a brilliant solution to track your progress, the TBS RaceTracker really is a must-have for all serious FPV racers!



• One-stop solution to race timing
• Up to 6 hours operating time per charge 
• Updateable
• Nothing to add to your drone
• Long range
• Simple to use
• Compatible with most 5.8GHz FPV transmitters
• Unique identity
• Uses smartphone app
• USB charging



Mobile apps: Drone Squad & TBS Tracker
5.8GHz timing: 5200MHz - 5999MHz
Accuracy: ~5ms
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: 3.6V 3000mAh Li-Ion 
Operating time: <6 Hours
Dimensions: 96 x 35 x 30mm
Weight: 96g

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