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DJI AVL58 5.8ghz - Tx/ Rx - cloverleaf

DJI AVL58 5.8ghz - Tx/ Rx - cloverleaf
DJI AVL58 5.8ghz - Tx/ Rx - cloverleaf
Proizvođač: DJI
Šifra proizvoda: RCSAVL58
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Cena: 228,00€

This is the DJI Z15 FPV Analogue Video Link Kit AVL58 - the system offers a claimed 0.8km range in direct LOS at 5.8Ghz using specialised Rx antenna supplied.

Please be very careful to check for RC Receiver swamping - do a test in range check mode !!!  Locate the Tx antenna of this AVL58 as far away from the RC Radio Rx as possible - very important step.

AVL58 kit EXCLUDES a camera because its intended for Z15 carrying an APS-C camera with feed.


Outdoor/RF Line-of-Sight Range 0.8Km
Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) -90dBm ±2dBm
Frequency Band:
CH1 5705MHZ
CH2 5685MHZ
CH3 5665MHZ
CH4 5645MHZ
CH5 5885MHZ
CH6 5905MHZ
CH7 5925MHZ
CH8 5945MHZ
Physical Parameters:
Operating Temperature -20~70°C
Size (No Antenna)
Tx 50cmX30cmX22cm
Rx 55.5cmX48cmX17cm
Weight (No Antenna) Tx 39g  Rx 49.5g
Hardware Supported:
Antenna Options SMA Male on unit - antenna female SMA
Supply Voltage 3S~6S
This Tx can be directly connected to iOSD by the 8 core cable in iOSD
Receiver Current
103mA ±10mA(@10V) 90mA ±10mA(@12V)
Software Supported:
Built-in Functions
5.8GHZ Broadband FM Video Transmit & Receive
Analog Video Output to Display
8 Transmitting and Receiving Channels defined by LED blink sequence
Excludes - Requires:
This FPV kit EXCLUDES any camera - designed specifically for use with DJI Z15 on an S800
Warning - Do not operate without the Antenna connected.
DJI AVL58 FPV System (TX + RX + Antenna / 500mw) - DJI-Acc-AVL58

The Perfect FPV System for your drone - It's Reliable and GPS Safe!!
For a FPV system our requirement is simple, we want smooth and reliable video feeds on the monitor, that's all. However, it's easier said than done, when we look deeper into FPV System, we found a lot of problems, mostly about frequency jamming on Transmitter signal, GPS signal and the FPV signal, it's a pain to find the perfect solution. Finally we found this DJI AVL58 FPV System can do the job pretty well, it's a 500mw FPV system with stable transmission of radio frequency which means it will not jam GPS signal and Transmitter signal, effective range in open space is about 1000 meters, or 100-200m in city areas, this is more than enough for most people. 
This system has a Transmitter and Receiver and a bunch of wires, those wires were made for Go Pro cameras and T-Join batteries. To get the system to work, you will need a Monitor, a Go Pro Hero Camera and Two 11.1V Li-PO Battery, and you need your own Tripod for the Monitor (Otherwise who will hold the camera for you?).
About the monitor, it should have a yellow video RCA connector (sometimes called phono connector or cinch connector) and it should take 12V power, so you can power up the Receiver Module and this Monitor with the same 11.1V Li-Po Battery. We have do something on the transmitter cable (soldered 3S balance plug and a white plug for camera), it should be best for most people.

Transmitter Module - Put on the Drone
Came with a 3S White Balance Plug, power it with the same Li-Po battery on the drone.

Receiver Module - Connect them to the TV Monitor
Output on a RCA connector, make sure your TV monitor has a yellow RCA connector, you should get the image.

Very good quality IC chip and circuit design, proven to be GPS Safe
Why the DJI AVL58 FPV has a higher price tag than other FPV System? Because it has much better stability on radio transmission that won't jam with other radio device, and it's clean 5.8Ghz radio frequency module, that cost a lot to make.

What it looks like with the TV Monitor
Usually a FPV guy has a set like this.

DJI Clover Leaf Antennas Included!!
Believe it or not, Antenna is the Heart and Soul for a FPV System, with a good antenna, you won't notice anything wrong. If you use a cheapy antenna, you just don't get any image 3 meters away, that's terrible. This DJI Clover Leaf is a Good Antenna, we never switch to other after we tried them.

DJI AVL58 FPV System Specifications:
Transmission distance: 1.2km
Transmit power: 28dBm ± 1dBm
Receiver sensitivity:-90dBm ± 2dBm
Working channel:
CH1: 5705MHz CH5: 5885MHz
CH2: 5685MHz CH6: 5905MHz
CH3: 5665MHz CH7: 5925MHz
CH4: 5645MHz CH8: 5945MHz
Optimum temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Dimension : 50mm x 30mm x 22mm (TX); 55.5mm x 48mm x 17mm (RX)
Weight : 39g (TX) / 49.5g (RX)
(Note : RX module with antenna is about 60g, make sure your drone can carry this!)
Operating voltage : 3S-6S Li-Po
Operating Current : 575mA ± 50mA @ 12V (TX); 90mA ± 10mA @ 12V (RX)
This package includes:
1. DJI AVL58 Transmitter Module
2. DJI AVL58 Receiver Module
3. Connector Cable for TX Module
(one plug is for connecting Go Pro, one plug is a 3S balance plug to connect drone's battery)
4. Connector Cable for RX Module
(one plug is RCA plug for video and a cable with T-Join to Two DC 12V plugs)
5. One set of DJI Clover Leaf Antenna (TX and RX)
6. Manual is NOT included
(because DJI did not make one and we find it doesn't need one too, you just need a Connection Diagram below)

Connection Diagram for DJI AVL58 FPV System (click to enlarge)


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