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FORCE ASSEMBLY is the double-sided tape transparent superpower, which keeps unchanged over time its adhesive properties, plasticity, flexibility and elasticity, even when used outdoors.

FORCE ASSEMBLY differs from traditional products made ​​from 100% because of a mass adhesivizzata viscoelastic acrylic foam closed cell that provides superior performance.

FORCE ASSEMBLY is essential and unique in the hardware subjected to thermal stress, mechanical and chemical, and can also be a viable alternative to mechanical fasteners as resistant to water, detergents, solvents, plasticizers, oils and UV rays and seals mating parts avoiding infiltration of a ater and air drafts. It also compensates for expansions and deformations caused by temperature changes, resistant to vibration and shock, conforming perfectly to uneven surfaces.

STRENGTH OF MOUNTING not damage the surfaces to which adheres to and use of : glass, semiprecious stones and tiles, metals and metal alloys, plastics (including PVC and nylon -pe -pp), composite materials, laminates, wood, painted, etc.

FORCE ASSEMBLY is used for: baseboards, door / windows, fixed handles, hooks, glass shelves of the tables, panels, furniture / appliances, paneling, letterboxes, shop signs, signposts, plaques, door - phones, electronic toll collection, moldings vehicles, etc.

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