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2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH

2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH
2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH 2-Speed Scroll Saw DSH
Proizvođač: Proxxon
Šifra proizvoda: P28092
Dostupnost: Na stanju
Cena: 281,75€

The right device for mould construction, precision mechanics, model building, architectural model building, designing, toy manufacturing (puzzles as well), carpentry (refurbishing antique furniture). Also ideal for schools and training workshops. For standard saw blades with pin ends. But normal fretsaw blades without pins also can be securely clamped.

Just a quiet humming despite the super cutting performance: 50 mm in wood, plastic 30 mm, non-ferrous metal 10 mm. No problem to cut Plexiglas, glass fibre reinforced plastic, foam, rubber, leather or cork.

Base housing of cast steel with rubber feet. For stability and working without vibrations (also suitable for bolting down). Side suction channel with connection and adapter for dust-free working. Includes 5 each coarse and fine saw blades.

The DSH is equipped with a suction channel and connection.
For dust-free and clean working. We recommend the use of our vacuum cleaner controller AS/E or our compact workshop vacuum cleaner CW-matic.

1. Holder for saw blades with pin ends. Also for clamping normal fretsaw blades (without pin ends).
2. Slender overarm for unobstructed view from top. The ideal machine, especially for frequently occurring internal cuts.
3. Air blower with adjustable air nozzle provides clear visibility. Stable table of die-cast aluminium (360 x 180 mm), can be tilted by 45° for mitre sawing.

Technical data:
220 - 240 V
Powerful: brushless 2- speed motor (205 W)
Stroke alternately: 900 or 1400 rpm
Stroke length: 19 mm
Throat: 400 mm
Maximum cutting depth: 50 mm, at 45° mitre 25 mm
L 53, W 27, H 30 cm
Weight approx. 20 kg

Accessoried (not included in kit):
Standard scroll saw blades with pin ends. 127 mm.
Coarse pin end blades (10 TPI)
Ideal for cutting soft and hard wood, plastics as well as soft and above all also thicker material.
- item P28740 - 127 x 2.61 x 0.51 mm - Set of 6 blades

Fine pin end blades (18 TPI)
Ideal for cutting thin materials, soft and hard wood as well as plastics.
- item P28742 - 127 x 1.86 x 0.24 mm - Set of 6 blades

Very fine pin end blades (25 TPI)
Ideal for cutting non-ferrous metals, PC cards, plastics, perspex and wood.
- item P28744 - 127 x 1.76 x 0.25 mm - Set of 6 blades

"Super-cut" scroll saw blades without pins. 130mm
For cutting soft and hard woods, plastics, Perspex, soft non-ferrous metals.
Coarse toothed blades (14 TPI)
- item P28110 - 130 x 1.50 x 0.48 mm - Set of 6 blades

Normal toothed blades (17 TPI)
- item P28108 - 130 x 1.20 x 0.38 mm - Set of 6 blades

Fine toothed blades (25 TPI)
- item P28107 - 130 x 0.77 x 0.30 mm - Set of 6 blades

For hard metals like iron or PERTINAX.
Fine toothed blades (28 TPI)
- item P28104 - 130 x 1.10 x 0.50 mm - Set of 6 blades

Extremely fine toothed blades (41 TPI)
- item P28106 - 130 x 0.74 x 0.36 mm - Set of 6 blades

Spiral blade. 125 mm long with plain ends (without pins).
These blades cut all directions and obviate the turning of the workpiece (advantageous, especially with bigger workpieces). A 1.5mm hole is required.

Ideal for plastic, hard and soft woods.
- item P28746 - 125 x 1.2 mm - Set of 6 blades

When cutting extremely hard work pieces (iron), the toothing in the contact area becomes worn relatively quickly. The upper part of the blade toothing can be used by increasing the work piece support surface.

We have been producing PROXXON MICROMOT tools for almost 30 years. High quality fine power tools for model makers, instrument mechanics, form makers, tool makers, opticians, jewellers and more.

All the tools you need for delicate work. They are quiet, precise and vibration-free for extended use during hours.

The PROXXON central offices are located in the picturesque area of Niersbach, very close to Germany's oldest town, Trier.
PROXXON's exclusive distributors in more than 80 countries are serviced from here.

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