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Timer for electric motorglider

 Timer for electric motorglider
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SIERRA Timer is a timer that provides limited but precise operation of the electric motor of a powered sailplane.
It is essential for proper organization of any competition sailplanes electric motor.
The timer is connected between the receiver and the controller is small, light and does not affect the flight model airplane.
Programming is extremely simple (micro-switch) enables the selection of timing intervals: 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds.
Usage: Once connected, the device does not influence in any way the normal function of the motor. The model airplane can be used at any time, with the device on board. For funtioning in competition or training regime is acting switch 1, which activates the device and put the timer on the first step, ie 10 seconds. Each switch 2,3,4,5 add another 5 sec to time (ex. If we act switches 1,2 and 3 20 sec programmed). Internal timer is started only after the throttle stick pass first time over the 70% of thie max range.
After the set time expires, the engine stops and can not be started until the model airplane landing.
With SIERRA TIMER you can organise contests that will show the level of skill of the pilots, especially with the same type of model airplane (or models of the same class).

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