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Turnigy 3 Channel Servo Speed/Direction Regulator
A fully adjustable 3 channel-out Servo Regulator which can be used on any receiver channel and wi..
Šifra proizvoda: TSSR-3
Turnigy 3648 Brushless Motor 1450kv
Dimension: 36mm x 51mm, 70mm (with shaft) Weight: 181g  (kv1450) (not including conne..
Šifra proizvoda: RCST3648-1450
Turnigy 5-6 V/ 8 A UBEC for LiPo
Power your receiver and servos with the baddest of UBEC power solutions. The all new Turnigy..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSTR-UBEC15
Turnigy 6 in 1 Multi Tool
High strength and convenient storage. The Turnigy 6 in 1 Multi Tool driver set includes hex ..
Šifra proizvoda: RCS155000004
Turnigy 760LV-HV Dual Pulse Width Selectable Servo Tester
The Turnigy 760HV servo tester was custom designed to be the most accurate and accommodating serv..
Šifra proizvoda: T-ST_01
Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger w/ accessories
The Turnigy Accucel 6 Balance Charger utilises quality FET's and resistors to accurately bala..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSACC6
Turnigy Be Found Lost Model Beeper
This Handy unit will emit a loud beep if your reciever loses radio signal or when the voltage of ..
Šifra proizvoda: 9171000001
Turnigy Compact Re-buildable Fuel Filter
Turnigy Compact Re-buildable Fuel Filter Size: 7 x 35 mm Weight: 1 g ..
Šifra proizvoda: RCST1583B
Turnigy External BEC 5-6 V/ 5 A
Turnigy 5A SBEC is an advanced switching DC-DC regulator which will supply a constant 5A. It..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSSBEC-40V
Turnigy Heat Sink with Fan for 36 series motors
TURNIGY Heat Sink with Fan for 36 series motors. Or motors with a diameter of 36 mm. Specifi..
Šifra proizvoda: FAN5010-3665
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