Hobby King Turnigy

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Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
Plug it into your receiver and you instantly have an on/off switch controlled by any channel on y..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSLUM-ONF
Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser
The Turnigy Servo Signal Reverser can be used in line to reverse the signal to a servo. Spec..
Šifra proizvoda: RCS9171000295
Turnigy Servo Tester
Servo & CCPM Servo Consistency Master/Checker Size: 49x43x29mm Input: 4.8 ~ 6V Out..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSTGY-ST
Turnigy Voltage Booster for Servo & Rx (1S to 5V/ 1A)
Lipoly Single cell voltage booster for Receivers and servos. This little unit plugs into your s..
Šifra proizvoda: DMDL-VBOSTER
Turnigy Voltage Protector
The Turnigy Voltage Protector helps prevent your receiver from dropping below its required operat..
Šifra proizvoda: TURN-VP
XT90 Connector (2 Male + 2 Female)
Features: - Protected to avoid shorting and reverse polarity - Can adapt up to 8AWG wires..
Šifra proizvoda: RCSSK/XT90
YEP ESC Programming Card
This is the programming card for the Hobbyking YEP ESCs. This card will allow you to conveniently..
Šifra proizvoda: RCS355000020
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