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Front/Rear lower susp.arms set - Basher SaberTooth 1/8 Scale Truggy (4pcs)

Front/Rear lower susp.arms - Basher SaberTooth 1/8 Scale Truggy

Šifra proizvoda: RCS9249000869-0
10,00€ 4,90€
FrSKY SBUS to CPPM Decoder
Šifra proizvoda: RCS236000039-0
15,00€ 7,50€
Futaba Transmitter Neck Strap

Adjustable length
Made from Polyester

Šifra proizvoda: RCS-F-NECKSTRAP
7,11€ 4,90€
Geekcreit® 0.28 Inch 2.5V-30V Mini Digital Volt Meter Voltage Tester Voltmeter
Šifra proizvoda: RCS974258
2,50€ 1,25€
Gemfan 5x3 Inch Plastic 5030 Propeller CW/CCW For 240 250 Frame
Color: black and green
Inner diameter (Prop Mount): 5mm
Becket rowlock: 3mm, 3.17mm, 4mm
Šifra proizvoda: RCSGem5030
4,29€ 2,14€
GWS SlowFly Propeller 9 x 4.7

Propeller for Electric Flight
1 pcs

Šifra proizvoda: RCSGWEP9047
0,98€ 0,49€
H250 ZMR250 250mm Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter Multicopter Frame Kit
Arm plate thickness: 3mm
Wheelbase: 250mm
Weight: 145g (with screws)
Šifra proizvoda: RCSZMR250
36,00€ 13,48€
Hobby 45mm Retractable Deluxe Rotary Cutter
Šifra proizvoda: RCS141000002-0
6,00€ 3,00€
HobbyKing™ LIPO to USB Charging Adapter and Cell Checker (2S~6S)
Šifra proizvoda: RCS9070000027
9,00€ 4,59€
Jamara Major Front/Rear Wheel Axle (2-Piece)
Šifra proizvoda: RCS505090
23,00€ 11,49€
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